Branding And ​Design Package

We are an organic SEO agency that deploys proven strategies that have helped ​many brands claim the top of search results on competitive, high-volume ​industry keywords. Our SEO works — we know how to drive qualified traffic and ​keep your CAC low in the long term.

Branding And ​Design Package Tactics We Deploy:

  • UI/UX audit for SEO
  • Site architecture
  • Backlink analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Search Console setup
  • Content intent analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Metadata optimization
  • Internal linking audit
  • ITE copy updates
  • Content strategy development
  • Image optimization
  • Schema markup
  • Local listings management
  • Ongoing tracking and goal setup
  • SEO Reporting

Standard Package

Rs 40,000/ M

  • Brand name, if needed
  • Logo Design
  • Slogan
  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Imagery
  • Tone and voice
  • Branding Guidelines
  • Delivery time – one month
  • Revisions – 8


For years, we’ve been delivering unmatched results across a variety of industries. Browse our agency’s case studies to find out our success stories.


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