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Digital Marketing
52 min read
Digital Marketing Strategies for Different Industries: A Comprehensive Guide [2023]

Almost everything we know has become digital today. From making friends to shopping, most of the daily basic activities are happening in the digital space. The transformation brought by technology and digitalization has changed the way the world operates.

Digital Marketing
8 min read
History of Digital Marketing in Nepal

The history of digital marketing in Nepal is relatively short, as the internet and technology have only recently become widely available in the country. However, the use of digital platforms for marketing and advertising has grown exponentially in the past few years.

15 min read
Best Online Tools for Market Research [Free & Paid] for 2023: Ahrefs, SEMRush & More!

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the path to success is paved with information. You need to understand customer behavior, predict market trends, and make data-driven decisions. And that’s where market research comes in.

Shaping the next generation We have embarked on the mission to shape the next generation of IT professionals and drive transformative change within the technology industry of Nepal. At Fantastic Story Academy, we are simplifying the tech learning process to empower aspiring individuals with the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to redefine the future of technology in Nepal.
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