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Content is King and we are the kingmakers! As a brand, you want your audience to notice, remember, and engage with you. And well-crafted content is the right way to keep your audience hooked. And we’re here to make sure of it. At Fantastic Story Studio, we obviously understand the importance of good content, but we also know on which platforms our awesome content works the best.
Be the talk of the town with personalized content Our personalized approach to content creation will help you showcase your USPs in creative ways so that your target audience cannot help but notice and engage with you. Fantastic Story Studio is with you for the long run. And we’ll make sure that over time, your content will do all the talking for you.
Value for your audience- Value for you At Fantastic Story Studio, we follow a simple mantra, ‘create value, not noise’. In a world where every brand is trying to sell, you must stand out by showing that you’re providing value to your audience. And that will ultimately help you build a loyal and reliable customer base.
Right Content for the right audience When it comes to content creation, the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is a strong NO-NO. We have seen brands share the same content with all their audience, and this makes them come across as lazy and uncaring. Our team has just the expertise that your brand needs to make sure that every single segment of your target audience gets the message that speaks to them.
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Why is content marketing important?

Your audience is consuming different content through different channels every single day. And if you’re not making content that stands out, you will slip under the radar. So, you need to come up with valuable and engaging content in a consistent manner. The goal of content marketing is to build a relationship of trust with the audience. This means brand loyalty, frequency of purchase, and word-of-mouth promotions. And that’s exactly what brands are ultimately trying to achieve.

What makes content marketing different?

We’re not trying to promote your brand. Well, at least, not directly. The point is to create awareness and intrigue among your audience so that they come looking for what more you have to offer. It’s a value-based approach. You’re solving your audience’s problems, educating/informing them, and giving them all the information they require to make informed decisions. You build a trust-based relationship with your audience, and that translates to conversion and loyalty.

What type of content should I produce?

It all depends upon the brand identity, business niche, and target audience. What works for one brand will not essentially work for yours. Cliché but True. It’s easy to fall into the trap of creating the type of content with visibly high engagement, even though it does not represent your brand identity at all. And this usually does not work in your favor. Many brands have learned this the hard way.

How often should I produce content?

Follow two golden rules, ‘Quality over quantity’ and ‘Consistency is the key’. Every content requires significant effort to make it valuable to your audience. So make sure you’re producing high-quality valuable content. And be consistent with it. This DOES NOT mean every day. A brand that produces/posts high-quality content 4 times a week, but is consistent with it, can create a greater impact than a brand that posts promotional content every day.

Can I measure the success of my content marketing efforts?

Yes. There are several tools that you can use to measure the performance of your efforts. But the relevance of each insight really depends upon your business. You should start with determining KPIs relevant to your business, and based on your KPIs, determine the metrics. It’s important to note that these KPIs and metrics differ from brand to brand.

How long does it take to measure content marketing performance?

Content marketing is a long-term approach. You cannot just build brand awareness, engagement, and generate conversions within a few weeks. Therefore, it takes a while to accurately measure the success of content marketing tactics.

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